Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Little Introduction of Village PADHA

I am Surender Padha

I am starting bloging about PADHA Village

Padha is a big village situated 30 km away from Distt. Karnal (HARYANA) INDIA. There are approximately 6000 Voter and total population of the village is around 9000. A no. of different cast people live there. But cast Jaat has more than 70% in total population. Other cast are Brahmin, lohar (blacksmith), sonar (goldsmith), kumbhar (Potter), nai (barber), darzi (tailor), gadadia (sheep herder), Harijan, Valmiki, etc. Some Sikh Community's people also live there but only around 100 people are there from Sikh Community. The main occupation is Kheti (Agriculture) and Pashupalan (cattle breeding).

thanks for giving your time to read this Blog Post thats not enough in a Introduction but we will try to send as much info as we we have so please do visit again later.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment if you find any wrong information. Please also leave a message if you know something more about village Padha.

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